Zodiac Signs: When and Why They Stop Loving Their Partners  


Aries is a fiery sign that cannot be contained no matter how hard they try. It is not, however, their fault. Their energy is a manifestation of themselves. 


Taurus is a sign that tends to stay in relationships for longer than planned. Furthermore, they are a mix of loyalty and tenacity. 


If you have a Gemini partner, remember to keep the stuff hooked. When your communication begins to fade, so will their interest in relationships. 


Cancer is notorious for being temperamental, but it is also emotional. This sentimental and gooey symbol despises distance.


Leo is a symbol of self-importance and pride. If you are a Leo's companion, they will never want you to rub off their radiance.


The perfectionists are the Virgos. They give everything they have and want others to do the same. 

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