Zodiac Signs' Best Home Color Palettes


You are not one to follow the conventional wisdom. You are drawn to colours that are not only different from the ordinary, but also inspire you.


You prefer soothing colours that make you feel free and connected to the world around you. Nobody would be shocked if you were drawn to sea foam green or even lavender.


You are energising and passionate, and you require a colour palette that reflects this. Colours do not have to be vivid, but they must draw the attention.


Though you are typically connected with earthy tones, you are more reminiscent of floral gardens and brighter hues. Because you have a lively nature, soft tones of pink and pastel green remind you of blooming flowers and natural beauty.


Geminis are often connected with the colour yellow, and for good reason. Your bright and sunny nature lights up each room you're in, so it stands to reason that you'd infuse that concept into any place you're in.


Cancer, you have a soothing and reassuring aura around you. You want others to feel at ease when they visit you, and you work hard to create that atmosphere in your house.

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