Top 8 Skeptical Zodiac Signs  

Aries dislike institutionalized religion. Though spiritual, they value individual strength over community power. They trust and believe in free will.


Taurus doubt astrology. They are practical and believe in what they can see and touch. Taurus doesn't believe in astrology and thinks it's all nonsense.


The Geminis distrust politics and politicians. They don't trust politicians and political groups to uphold their commitments.


Cancers may distrust love. Broken hearts may doubt they'll find love again.Even if they've never had difficulties dating, they start afresh.


Leos doubt aliens and extraterrestrial life. Leos deny that other planets could support life, especially humans.


Virgos distrust people. They doubt people are good, decent, or want to do right. Virgo waits to see the cost of a kindness or charity.


Libras doubt people's claims. Someone telling this person won't make them believe it. They seek to evaluate anything and draw their own conclusions.


Scorpios doubt conspiracies. Sometimes things happened as shown without hidden agendas. Scorpios believe the Kennedys didn't kill Marilyn Monroe, hide Roswell, or land on the moon.


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