Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Doesn’t Get Love Back From Their Partner  

Due of its emotional depth, Cancer values relationships. Unless their spouse shares these feelings, vulnerability may disappoint. Despite expectations, love them.


Scorpios crave emotional connection. Nobody expects dedication and sincerity like them. Undedicated partners may leave them feeling empty and wanting.


Capricorns like relationships. They are future-focused partners. A less committed and supportive partner may disregard them.


Aquarians enjoy intellectual discourse and independence. A companion who doesn't respect their space and individuality may make them feel empty.


Pisceans love selflessly. They worship their partner and expect a fairytale. Those who don't get their romantic aspirations may suffer.


Geminis love intellectual stimulation and open communication. They may feel distant and unloved if their partner doesn't talk or show interest.


Free-spirited Sagittarians crave adventure and variety. If their relationship limits their exploration, growth, and new experiences, they may feel unloved.


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