Top 7 Zodiac Signs Who Always Gives Up In Life  

Artistic and sensitive Pisces may struggle with harsh reality. They may prioritize dreams and emotions over practical issues. Criticism or failure can trigger quitting.


Cancerians quit quickly because of emotions. Due to their sensitivity, they may take things personally and give up in difficult situations to avoid emotional damage. 


Libras value balance and harmony, yet this can make them indecisive. When life brings difficult choices or challenges, they may feel in limbo.


Sagittarians are curious and adventurous. The result may be disengagement. People may stop exploring after the first excitement.


Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking. However, their ambition can backfire. Their self-imposed pressure and dread of failure can overwhelm them.


Visionaries like Aquarius want to make a big difference. Their emotional detachment can cause them to give up when execution is difficult. 


Virgos are diligent to perfection. Their trait can make them great or hurt them. Fear of failing their high standards may delay and fail.


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