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The Martha Stewart Recipe You Should Make, According to Your Zodiac Sign


Stewart says chocolate fans would love this over-the-top ice cream cake. The chocolate sheet cake is coated with creamy white chocolate 


The water sign Scorpio is passionate and exciting. Why not make Stewart's delicious Baked Salmon with Creamy Orzo? 


Leos are generous and feisty, and Stewart's lobster rolls are the perfect party food.


Stewart's Grilled Corn, Mint, and Scallion Salad uses fresh seasonal corn and herbs, which Virgos prefer because their element is earth.


Gemini thrive on challenges, and Stewart's Rosemary Chicken with Tomatoes and Olives is one.


“A great [blueberry pie] heralds the fruit in a jammy interior, the heat breaking it down into a deep-indigo center,” Stewart writes. “

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