The 7 most unpopular zodiac signs


Gemini, ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication), can adapt to any conversation.


Scorpio best exemplifies “still waters run deep”. As water signs, they feel deeply but utilize their cool attitude and deadpan humor to hide their emotions.


Fiery Leos make terrific leaders and friends. Standing out from the crowd implies they'll speak up for people when others won't and say things others are afraid to.


Virgos are kind and virtuous. Helping others flourish is rarely motivated by meanness.


Aries' candor is refreshing. Aries has little patience for manipulation or digression. Aries will show their affection.


Taurus is the most reliable zodiac sign because of their routine-driven nature. Once you have Taurus' trust, they'll always support you, and their adaptability makes them successful.

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