3 Zodiac Signs May Want Love They Can't Have


We usually think of Leos as having a lot of hair. “They are the lion, after all, so they tend to have an impeccable mane,” explains Garbis.


Never mix Virgo and Sagittarius. Sagittarius' inattention to punctuality, planning, and focus will disappoint even the most flexible Virgo. 


Gemini is known as the zodiac's "playboy". “These free-spirited charmers love to play the field,” Reed explains.


Taurus/Leo personality contrasts may be difficult to overcome. Sweet Bulls tend to enjoy life without confrontation, thus fiery Leo may be too harsh.


Subtweets, subtexts, and mysterious behavior may be why you're curious about your Scorpio partner.


The cardinal fire sign Aries is impetuous with their hair. Garbis claims that they'll tint their hair the same day after seeing a unique TikTok hair color filter.

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