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How to Create a Delicious Zucchini Mediterranean Salad

    How to Create a Delicious Zucchini Mediterranean Salad

    How to Create a Delicious Zucchini Mediterranean Salad: Sweet tomatoes, fragrant herbs, and creamy feta cheese come together in tomato feta salad to make a simple side dish that tastes great. This tomato salad is best made in the summer, when tomatoes are fresh from the garden. That is why I love tomato salad recipes that use the sweet, savory, and juicy summer fruit to its fullest.

    This tomato feta salad is like the Caprese or the cucumber and tomato salad in that it lets the best of the fresh garden tomatoes shine. I add feta cheese, fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of sumac, a spice that gives food a Mediterranean flavor with lemon notes. I also use ripe, juicy tomatoes. A big platter of tomato and feta salad in the middle of the table is my favorite way to serve it.

    On the side, I like to put pita or focaccia bread. The salad ingredients will give off a tasty, herbal liquid that begs to be soaked up with good bread. It’s almost as good as the salad, I promise. Almost there!

    What’s in a tomato feta salad

    This tomato salad recipe is very easy to make, but it tastes great thanks to the fresh herbs and the garlicky citrus dressing. For a creamy, salty finish, I love to add big blocks of feta cheese. This idea came from this traditional Greek salad. This recipe for tomato salad has these things:

    1. At the grocery store or farmers market, look for tomatoes that are heavy. That way, you know they will be juicy. It’s even better if you have a garden. You can add color and flavor variety with vine ripe, heirloom, Roma, or a mix of the three. Tobacco fruits that are orange or yellow tend to have less acid. If you want, you could also add some cherry or grape tomatoes that have been cut in half.
    2. With garlic and onion. Here are two big flavor makers! They bring the salty part.
    3. New herbs. You could add some fresh basil or mint if you want, but I used parsley and dill.
    4. A seasoning. Black pepper, kosher salt, and a lot of sour sumac. One spice that you can find in most Mediterranean kitchens is sumac. You can skip it, order it from our shop, or use fresh lemon zest instead.
    5. Dressing with citrus. Lime flavor comes from 1 lemon’s juice and 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar. They make the dish brighter and lightly season the onions and tomatoes. Adding citrus to the salad for a few minutes will also tone down the strong taste of the onions.
    6. The dish’s main flavor comes from the extra virgin olive oil, which is used in large amounts. Our Early Harvest Greek Extra Virgin olive oil is a smooth olive oil that has a lot of character but isn’t too bitter.

    How to Make a Turkey and Tomato Salad

    This tomato and feta salad is made the same way that many home-cooked meals are made on a sunny day by the Mediterranean Sea: all at once. There’s no need to measure out each and every pinch, whisk the dressing separately, or make a lot of other fuss. Just get a platter and start cooking:

    Put the fresh ingredients together. 6 to 7 ripe tomatoes should be cut into wedges. Half-moons should be cut from a medium-sized red onion. Cut three garlic cloves into small pieces (see our guide for how to do this). Cut up one cup of each of the parsley and dill. Mix or throw all of these pretty fruits and vegetables into a big bowl for salad and gently toss them around.

    Add salt and pepper to the salad. Put 2 and a half teaspoons of sumac on top. Sprinkle a lot of salt and pepper on top. Next, add ⅓ cup of extra virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar, and the juice of one lemon. Sprinkle to mix. Add more salt or pepper to a tomato if you think it needs it. If it tastes bland, add more seasoning.

    Do it. Move to a bowl or platter for serving. Put big chunks of feta cheese on top, and get some big spoons for the table.

    How to Pick the Best Tomatoes

    To make the dish taste great, the tomatoes must be very ripe and full of flavor. A lot of the tomatoes that come in packages don’t work well in a raw tomato salad, even though they’re fine cooked or on sandwiches. Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned about how to store tomatoes and choose the best ones:

    1. Do not purchase tomatoes from a cold case. The cold weather hurts tomatoes and stops them from ripening.
    2. Let the tomatoes sit out on the counter (not in the fridge) for a few days before you make this salad. The fridge tends to dull the flavor of tomatoes.
    3. A good tomato is one that is full and heavy for its size. They’ll be juicy because of this. Just give them a light squeeze to make sure they’re still pretty firm but not too tight. The skin shouldn’t have any cuts or big, open sores on it. Some heirloom varieties may have more than one color, ridges, or deep grooves, and that’s fine.
    4. Check out the smell of the tomatoes where the stem was. It should have a pleasant scent that is a mix of sweet and earthy notes.

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