Our Story

It’s a little known fact that our family owned company sold the first of its now famous grilled folds out of a baseball field concession stand over twelve years ago on Aviano AB, Italy. While awaiting construction of our flagship location, we worked the concession for two months, with lines big enough to fill a dugout and then some. From the very beginning we focused on quality. Our goal was to offer a different kind of fast food. We felt that people craved real food, even if it was fast, without all the processed junk. So, we started from scratch. Yes, “scratch.,” meaning everything you eat is made fresh THAT DAY. We cut out the cheap fillers used to dilute meat, using only the freshest cuts of REAL MEAT. Then we dry-rubbed it. That’s right-real rubs and spices, not artificial flavors and high fat mayo’s.

Our bread is our own creation, baked fresh every morning from our baker. We toast it while still doughy, thereby cooking it literally seconds before it hits your plate. Your grilled fold is then topped off with red vine tomatoes, Spanish sweet onions and our famous sauces and spicy glazes. We think making a sandwich this way is the only way and we invite you to re-think your expectations of fast food.